Little Johnny has Cirrhosis
by Team Florida Orange Juice
Screen Shots

4-26-2004 - Splash screen, ship models, particles, networking

4-26-2004 - MD2 Model importer

5-10-2004 - World model, enemy model, shooting, sounds, lag/disconnect detection, view changes

5-20-2004 - New shields, tilt, new enemy models, radar, lives, camera-world collisions

5-23-2004 - Animated enemies, mutilayered background, fading shields, death explosions, spotlights

5-26-2004 - Title screen, HUD, radar, life bar, name, targeting computer, weapons, collison

5-30-2004 - Ship explosions, machine gun, tube animation, score board, spread fire, lightening gun


Our Splash Screen! Ya gotta love that logo...

Here's our in-game network setup screen (with minimal options, for now) once the client has started searching for a server. The port is initialized from an .INI file, so it isn't listed here.

Once a connection's been established & the pre-game countdown has started. You can see the server in the background sending the "14 seconds remaining" messages to the client.

Here's an actual in-game snapshot of the server sending a gamestate that contains 4 different clients. No motion has been implemented yet from the client-side, but the server can move ships around & any connected clients will reflect the change.

Here's a snapshot of one ship flying around in single-player mode, including the particle-emitting thruster!


Here is a link to a driver that Justin wrote for importing/animating Quake 2 models, with some snapshots:


We've got gameplay! Here's a shot of a single ship flying around inside the world in third-person mode, with seven computer-controlled Cold viruses (and a couple of bullets). The viruses are controlled by very simple AI, and everything is collision-detected.

Here's one of the viruses right in front of the ship in first-person mode. Behind it, you can see the entrance to the vein which leads to the next room (although so far, we only have gameplay set up for one room).

Another shot of the ship firing at some enemies - or at least it was until i shut down the server and the client dropped the connection :)

Finally, a close-up of the ship with some enemies behind it. When the ship gets destroyed, we have the camera zoom around it on a bezier curve (matrix-style) and watch it exlpode from close up; this was taken part way through that camera shift. Real-time lighting is not turned on here, as we're having some problems with our materials, but trust me - this looks even cooler when it is!


Here's the same shot as above with the ship's shields activated, and with real-time lighting applied. Notice how much flatter the model looks without the lighting.

Here's a shot of the gameplay that shows all of the different types of enemies (red blood cells, white blood cells, cold virus, sars, and mutate virus) with realtime lighting and a radar!

Here's a shot of the camera colliding with the world. If the ship travels close enough to the edge of the world, the camera will stop moving and turn to face the ship. That way the camera will never pass outside the wall, even if its normal position directly above the ship would be.

Here is a shot of the ship tilting. You can also see the radar

Here is a first person shot of some of the enemies

Here is another shot of some of the enemies


After one twelve-hour programming day (ouch!) we've got animated enemies (the viruses wiggle around), multilayered backgrounds (those "clouds" move around in front of the backdrop), fixed blending of projectiles, fading shields (as they run out), death explosions, spotlights (check out how the ship's light is only shading the part of the white blood cell that's inside the beam), and frustum culling (notice the "number of triangles" debug info).

Check out that spotlight in the dark!


New Title Screen

Here's the final HUD & Radar...the box on the left will hold a model of the currently selected weapon. In this version we COMPLETELY recoded the control, added impact effects (sparks), and a little name/lifebar for each player!

Now you can see the machinegun in the upper left...And a targeting computer in the lower right! First-person mode wasn't that fun with our new control scheme, but we didn't want to scrap it entirely so we added the ability to popup a second viewport showing the ship's view.


The ship just started exploding and split into pieces

Another mid-explosion shot. This starts after the camera does its matrix-zoom around the dying ship

Pieces flying away!

We FINALLY got the rapid-fire machine gun fully working

This was taken in the middle of the animation that takes you through a vein between one level and the next. Since the next room is our "Dark" room, the lighting has started to dim.

Our in-game scoreboard

Spread-Fire lasers

More Spread-Fire lasers

Lightning Gun

Our all-new server control panel! From here you can play god & control the gameplay by giving players powerups, triggering room-change events, or adding & removing enemies from a level. We mainly did this so we can throttle the gameplay during our demo :)

Load Screen! Now you actually know what you're trying to kill!

A shot in the lightened-up darkroom. Here you can see some of our randomly-spawning powerups (lightning gun on the upper right, laser on the left) along with the new virus: Ebola. Powerups also show up as flickering small dots on the radar. In the backround, we've added a layer of "junk" that drifts around, giving the game a busier feel (although it's pretty sparse in this shot).

Start of a room-change event. Notice that the progress bars in the HUD are shaded now.

Sorry, but you don't get to see Cirrhosis just yet! What kind of an unveiling would this demo be if we didn't have a badass final boss to show off?

Alright, the demo is over...and we kicked ass! But, we did a lot of last-minute cleanup, so i wanted to post a few more shots on here with more of the "final feel" of the game.

This is what the 3rd room actually ended up looking like (we figured you were in the lungs, so there should be little air bubbles all over the place. Hey, be quiet, we're programmers, not doctors!). And...wait...what is that powerup exactly? No, not that one...the one behind the health...

That's right, an A-Bomb! But since we're in the human body, the "A" stands for "Alcohol" instead of "Atom." Those enemies don't seem to be having as much fun with that alcohol as Little Johnny did. The screen looks extra bright because this was taken RIGHT after the bomb was set off, and the screen is still fading from the flash.

This final room is supposed to be a damaged shows another shot right after an A-Bomb hit.

That lightning gun is really a LOT of fun!

I guess since the demo is over & the final demo version of the game is posted (along w/ the cheat control panel), i can show you the boss. This shot was taken during his grand entrance (as the camera moves around & shows him coming in through the vein). You see that thing he's holding onto? Well, that's Johnny's liver! How can he be holding a liver when you're supposed to be flying around inside of it? Um.....hmm. Good question.

It took me like 10 minutes to capture this image - Cirrhosis is such a badass that it's almost impossible to get near him with only one player (it's way easier if there are others around to distract him). He has the ability to fire anything you do, except for the A-Bomb...although he has infinite ammo, and his lasers are rapid-fire! Ouch! Can you defeat him and heal Little Johnny? Be sure to let me know ;)

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