cir.rho.sis (n): A chronic disease of the liver characterized by the loss of functional liver cells often resulting from alcohol abuse.

    After a week of hardcore drinking in San Felipe, your roomate, Johnny, has become seriously ill. An emergency appointment with Student Health confirms your worst fear - Little Johnny Has Cirrhosis! Good thing your best friend has access to the secret nanotechnology lab at UCSD, where they've developed a submarine with the capability to shrink itself and a single occupant down to the size of a virus, enabling the pilot to repair damaged tissue internally. As dangerous as this sounds, it may be your only hope to save Little Johnny - so, you decide to borrow the machine for a few hours and travel to Johnny's liver in an attempt to repair the damage. There's only one catch: All of the partying and bad hygiene has made Johnny's body host to thousands of viruses and diseases that will stop at nothing to destroy you and your little submarine. Will you make it to the liver in time to save Little Johnny...?

    Little Johnny Has Cirrhosis will feature both single and multiplayer co-op modes, where several players can team up to plow their way through viruses, bacteria, and even Johnny's own immune system on their way to his liver. Time permitting, we will also implement a deathmatch mode, where multiple players can go head-to-head assuming the role of the white blood cell, virus, or submarine. This mode will feature the tyical last-man-standing method of play.
    The layout of the game will be divided into four arenas - the heart, the lungs, the stomach, and of course, the liver. Each arena will contain a different set of enemies, and (in single or co-op mode), the player will be allowed to advance only once every threat has been destroyed. Of course, the player should NOT harm any of Johnny's white blood cells. Once an arena has been cleared, a short cutscene will sweep the ship through a blood vessel and into the next section.
    Little Johnny Has Cirrhosis will be played on a 2D field with a view similar to the classic "asteroids" game, however it will be rendered in 3D using OpenGL. The environment will be created as a large "egg" surrounding both the camera and the playfield; during gameplay, the camera will be fixed, however the surrounding 3D environment will allow the camera to rotate & reposition itself during brief cutscenes such as death sequences or transitions betwen arenas.

Single Player & Co-Op
     -White Blood Cells will attack you, but you cannot attack them.
     -Viruses will attack you and the white blood cells;
     -You must destroy all of the viruses in a given arena before proceeding to the next
     -If you are killed, you lose
     -If all of the white blood cells in an arena are killed, you lose.
     -If you destroy all of the threats in all of the rooms, you win!

      -Players can take on the role of virus, submarine, or white blood cell. This game will be a typical last-man-standing battle
     -Computer-controlled viruses or bacteria may be in the level with the players to increase the difficulty.

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