Little Johnny has Cirrhosis
by Team Florida Orange Juice


Must Haves
    -Basic title screen: Start / Exit
    -At least one ship, virus, and white blood cell model
    -Keyboard input/control
    -Simple collision detection
    -Basic HUD overlay
    -one playable room
    -client server networking with 3 way multiplayer
    -background music & simple sound effects
    -particle explosions and effects
    -File logging, .ini initialization

Would Be Nice
    - Gamepad Control
    - More complex title screen (bindable keys, skill level, ship selection)
    - Multiple enemies
    - Multiple arenas, joined by veins

- Multiple Weapons (seeking, nuke, etc)
    - powerups (pills, shields, adrenaline, etc.)
    - More advanced enemy AI
    - Firing & Nonfiring enemies
    - red blood cell obstacles
    - Cutscenes showing the ship travelling through veins between arenas
    - Shields

    - multilayered background scenery
    - More extravagent death sequences (with camera angle changes)
    - Overlays/targeting (show character info, HP, etc)
    - Map of Little Johnny's body with infected orgrans
        - When Johnny loses an organ, he keels over in pain a bit more

Cool, but only if ahead of schedule
    - bubbles etc in the blood so it looks more fluid
    - background sounds (heartbeat/ breathing/ blood circulation)
    - End-Game Summary/Scores
    - Chatting between players in Multiplayer
    - Database records of viruses encountered
    - large Boss enemies
    - chat lobby for connecting multiplayer games
    - Time Limit (counts down as bleeding vein)

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