JJeff Cole – Progress Reports

April 2nd – Formalized initial game design and concept

April 4th – Moved web site over class server

April 5th - Updated design docs to reflect class requirements
Docs now include a development page which features the following
- how the team is organized and how decisions will be made
- a clearer list of each members responsibilities
- a list of the tools we will using
- a list of the API's and file formats we will use
- how testing will be accopmlished
- and how we will document the projects progress

April 6th –
Can now export from Maya into directX .x format.. or the Game Exchange format... these seem to be the most usable native output formats.
need to still find a converter that will convert to .md2 format .. or write a loader from the Game Exchange format.. or from the .x format
the .x format looks pretty straight forward.. and we may be able to find a ton of code that uses it..

April 6th –April 13th – Out of Town

April 13th
Need to finalize and decide on file format for exporting Models from Maya ,
.MD2 – only if we can find a converter that will work properly
GE2 – Game Exchange format – comes with Maya, may be the most promsing
.x – Direct X aascii file format – great export tools from maya and the ascii file contains full featured model / texture and animation info. May be difficult to parse out and use in OpenGL however.
Will start model production and content creation so we will have some working examples by next week.

April 15th
Can now move models between Maya and 3DS Max using Deep Exporation to convert formats
Obtained a plug-in for max to convert models to MD2 format - still needs to be tested for functionality.

We now have two options to get models into the Game

1. Model in Maya and covert through Deep Exploration to 3DS max then to MD2

2. Deep Exploration will also output a .cpp OpenGL displaylist of Geometry and Material information -

This may be useful for static meshes / or if the MD2 exporter is not working properly

Began base ship model.

April 18th

Player Ship model completed - along with preliminary texture!
Need to work through production pipeline and convert to a workable .MD2 format.

April 19th

Successfully converted Ship model to MD2 format!!!
Art production pipeline to MD2 format should be workable without too many hassels
Materials need to be reassigned through conversion process, but not to bad.
MD2 exporter exports textures as .pcx or .bmp.

April 25th

The last 5 days have been spent doing major modeling.
We now have the following Models and textures.

- Player Ship
- 4 room world with curved passage tunnels. (will need tweeking as we experiment with ship movement)
- White Blood Cell
|- Red Blood Cell
- 3 Different Virus Models!!!

models need to be converted to MD2 format.. will be done on April 27th.

- Next up will be working with animations!!
- models may need poly reduction depending on game performance once implemented.
- refine and detail textures.

April 27th

MD2 export failed!.. after fighting with the Qtip export authorization I was unable
to convert succesfully to MD2.. some scaling and UV map issues changed in
the convert process from Maya to Deep Exploartion.. will have to re-reval and try
again later this week.


May 3rd

BAD WEEK! - Well I blew a head gasket on my truck on my way to school
last thursday. so I was not able to make it to the lab like I wanted.. needless to
say most of week was spent trying to figure out how to get my truck fix
and how I was going to pay for it..

anyhow - I did some rescalling and retextured all the models with new UV maps
also did some poly reduction and began working with some vertex animations
so I can try the coversion process again tommorrow.

animations may pose some probelms, they seem to get lost in the conversion
through Deep Exploration.. so well have to see how to get around this. Will
be able to test when I can load the .3DS files into MAX.



All models converted to MD2 format - (animations not working however)


May 7th -8th

Redid World model to line up rooms along the same plane - redid UV maps and Rescaled
model to fit properly in the Game Engine.

May 9th

Spent another 2 hours trying to get MD2 animations to work - no luck yet...
if I cant find a solution soon.. its looking like forking out $300 on
Game Space to get proper MD2 animations done.

Collected sounds for the game..


May 10th

Collected more Game sounds
built inner sphere with semi transparent Material and Red Cloud type texture.
began working on elements for the HUD.


May 24th

update - ok, so the last couple weeks were spent getting GameSpace and getting a a correct version
from Caligari that would do the job for us and get working animations out of the MD2's.

While GameSpace has a limited animation tools and the conversions caused some problems
we were able to get something working.. so all the Models are now in the Game..

- Built Skeltal Systems for all models
- Animated them - and Converted to MD2
- Had to realign all the UV's as they got skewed in the conversion process.
- Tweaked some of the textures in photoshop to adjust for UV offsets.

- Got one innersphere to Justin to put into the Game.
- Built the Base of the HUD components - just need to make mask layers
and decide what the fianl layout will be.
- Began to Layout a Scene in Maya to generate a background scene for the
title page.

Here is a fake ScreenShot which shows HUD coomponents in place


Things that I need to do!

need to make models for powerups etc.
going to make one more Virus Model "Ebola"
textures for other innerspheres...
make a different colored ship / or alternate ship.
clean up textures more on models.. for final presentation.

May 25th

- finished HUD overlay
- began work on Maya Scene for Title screen render

May 26th

- Model for Health powerup
- updated HUD for Weapons comp
- Models for weapons powerups
- worked more on Title screen

May 27th

- Finished Final render for title screen
- worked on getting ship model broken into
pieces for death animation

May 28th

- (4 more hours). Finally got he ship broken into seperate models and
got them to retain their orientation!!!

May 29th

- Long day at work,, didnt feel well, went to bed early

May 30th

- modified and coverted 2 additional weapons models for powerups
- Finished Ebola Virus model for an additional enemy
- created and rendered a Scene in Maya for the Preload screen.