MathFunctions Documentation - updated 4/18

Chris - Progress Update

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4/8 Trig tables, final, complete Simple vector functions, preliminary, complete Simple collisions, preliminary, complete 4/9 Rotational matrix, preliminary, complete 4/10 3d object hierarchy, preliminary, complete Sphere-sphere collisions for non-sphere objects, preliminary, complete 4/11 Math function optimization, preliminary
4/12 Math function optimization, preliminary, complete Documentation, complete 4/17 Integration of MathFunctions modules into project, complete 4/18 Player movement, preliminary, complete
4/20 Updated player movement code to be time-based instead of frame-based 4/23 Integration of player movement with server/client 4/26 Integration of player movement with server/client Began Bezier curve project
4/27 Movement redone for new server/client model Movement scaling for new model started 4/28 Scripted 2 camera animations Movement scaling for new model 4/29 Movement scaling for new model Rescripted camera motions to be player relative Added robustness to math code 5/2 Collision detection framework 5/3 Player vs. Player collision detection complete
5/6 Player/world collision implemented 5/7 Projectile motion, management Rotational acceleration Collision reaction for player/player implemented 5/8 General debugging 5/9 Projectile/enemy collision implemented Projectile/player collision implemented Projectile/player collision response implemented Player/Enemy collision implemented Player/Player collision response changed Rotational deceleration
5/12 Rotational deceleration modified "Shield" powerup logic Tilt angle framework 5/15 Data collection from world for bezier curves, world collisions 5/17 Player - world collision Camera - world collision Bezier curves for tubes
5/19 More bezier curves for tubes 5/20 Still more bezier curves for tubes 5/21 Bezier curves for tubes complete 5/22 New collision responses for players 5/23 Scrapped new collision responses in favor of new movement mechanics New movement mechanics Room progression framework Projectile damage fix 5/24 Found workaround for obscure server problem Movement mechanics overhaul complete
5/25 New motions model complete Collision repairs 5/27 Yet another motion overhaul complete, scaled Collision detection problem fixed Collision responses changed Major fixes to world collision sticking problem Other minor fixes 5/29 Modified camera collisions to work for different rooms Created setup curves to place camera before tube animation Fix for world collision sticking problem 6/1 Took care of world collision bugs Fixed time-based movement bug Modified camera animations for setting up room changes Camera animations for boss fights Minor projectile collision changes Other minor fixes
6/2 Level change sounds General testing and debugging 6/3 Minor problem fixes General testing and debugging